primer movie review

primer movie ($7,000 budget made in 2004) – the lowest budget but highest story and plot line ratio of science fiction films ever made? the best mumblecore sci fi movie?

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it involves time travel and all those paradoxes of going back in time and can you change things. you can see in more recent low budget time travelling movies where they got their inspiration from

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half way through this pure science fiction story – virtually no special effects and a near zero budget movie of only $7,000 – you will suddenly find out what all the fuss has been about – keep your eyes/ears/mind open while watching it

primer low budget sci fi movie review

its so low budget they had to use every single bit of film footage they shot including a couple of scenes where the sound is terrible or something accidentally gets in the scene.

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apart from this the story is so intriguing that you wont notice the non hollywood film making

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primer movie reviews

there are over 400 mostly very positive primer video reviews on amazon where you can watch the film now
primer movie review

if you admire how the films writer, actor, director, producer did this whole thing then there is an in depth review and interview with shane carruth