rama revealed

rama revealed book reviewrama revealed by arthur c clarke and gentry lee (published in 1993)

rama revealed is the last book in the rama series and delivers a payload similar to the previous books good/bad/amazing/wtf/ffs

you get a lot of answers/explanations for mysteries and partial puzzles but some of them disappoint compared to what you might have thought may have happened or been the purpose. perhaps the human history with other ideas of god like races visiting us or seeding us come to mind

rama revealed book cover arthur c clarke and gentry leethe 1st book in the series was superb as such an original idea, if you have slogged through the other 2 books to get to rama revealed then it will have been sort of worth it to find out what happened and what it was all about. at least you should not be that disappointed although there are always those what seem to be ‘gentry lee’ moments that will still have you sighing then head down and plough through those bits of the story

there are some stunning/inspired ideas. especially the idea on how to reduce war and make it the absolute last resort – brilliant

the back cover of this version of the book is how it should be – dark and mysterious – just read the fucking book without knowing exactly what is going to happen