rapture movie review

rapture (2014) movie review: pure low budget science fiction film – bloody brilliant if you dont mind lo fi special effects combined with an apocalypse mysterious alien invasion/infestation with seemingly random awesome deaths/zapping

rapture movie lowry brothers 2014

another great example of non hollywood production with near zero budget film making but packing a punch with an intriguing idea

rapture movie review 2014 low budget science fiction

if you enjoy micro budget productions but have a hankering for a bit more larger effects than an orange exploding – can they do bigger apocalyptic scenes – a few bodies laying on the streets has never been so good value for money – this independent could be the answer to your low fi and budget prayers

rapture movie review

dont worry about it supposedly being religious and christian religion. the christianity stuff only comes at the very end – so just be zapped by a wonderfully put together sci fi film

if you love how filming and production are put together then this is another superb example of constructing a project

rapture religous christian movies

if this is what the rapture – the end of times – will be like then for gods sake let me live long enough to enjoy/laugh at people getting zapped to death/life/purgatory

writer/direction richard lowry – of the lowry brothers film producers – has delivered a low budget sci fi movie making sermon

rapture alien invasion sci fi movie

rapture movie reviews

rapture video reviews on amazon where you can watch the movie – youtube rapture trailer below