ringworld book review by larry niven ringworld by larry niven (published in 1970)

like a nebula awards winning farmer this book is outstanding in its science fiction field. ringworld book is still stunning even though other sci fi authors have been inspired by the story ideas have become more common

the first few chapters set the scene and introduce the characters. if you have read larry nivens neutron star then it really helps with the background story and the full flavour of why nessus the piersons puppeteer is so alien strange to everyone

the book explodes into immense imagination after a few chapters and then its just mind expanding stuff page after page

larry explores the possibilities of these megastructures so much that they are now known as niven rings

lots of philosophising with the alien characters/cultures involved – most of it actually good and worth it – the cowardliness/scheming of nessus is explored brilliantly

ringworld ring world cover book review

if you want one of those sci fi books that is an absolute classic and with ideas that blow your mind then this might be it