rogue bolo sci fi book

rogue bolo book review keith laumerrogue bolo by keith laumer (published in 1986)

the rogue bolo book and story has dated very badly with technology having rapidly overtaken.

the structure of the start is good for its time, with lots of different news/stories.

although keith laumers science fiction stories suspend belief in believable coincidences this seems to be up there with that.

rogue bolo keith laumer tank mark xxx caesar csr
not that great a story and the hero or rogue of the story is hard to believe in and that it is any sort of machine, even one with AI.

the book has 2 parts which are very different from each other and not that related in the story arc but show the development of where the bolo mark xxx csr (caesar) came from.

you can buy the rogue bolo book from amazon as a normal paperback or as an kindle ebook.