modern sci fi shorts films list and reviews

sci fi shorts films movies list reviews must watchlist and reviews of modern sci fi shorts films including everything from 3 minutes very short movies to short longs or long shorts of 40 minutes

the science fiction short films listed here should all be available on amazon videos – for free if you have amazon prime/video – or you can often find them on youtube or vimeo

modern sci fi shorts film list

the budget for these short movies range from no budget of $1000 up to a relatively massive $65000

there are also lists of full length very low budget sci fi movies up to $50000 and then from £50000 to $500000

modern man (3 minutes)
the experiment (5 minutes)
freeborn (5 minutes)
vessel (6 minutes)
anomaly (40 minutes)
arias (30 minutes)
phase me up (20 minutes)
share (20 minutes)
the high cost of dying (10 minutes)
adirondack (5 minutes)

if you like ultra short science fiction stories then read the 30 second sci fi book

modern man

modern man (2013) is 3 minutes of great fun/farce/story by director sebastian solberg – time travel and love all gone wrong

the experiment

the experiment one of the most intense 5 minute sci fi shorts film produced in 2015 by calvin main – if you dont like low budget movies like bad taste or window licker then this is not for you.

well, i guess the experiment worked…because in eight hours I’m going to kill myself

brilliant short movie but you really have to listen very carefully to the very end. after watching it you might know what other science fiction stories inspired it but they cant be mentioned before you watch it otherwise it ruins the story


freeborn 5 minute short sci fi film produced in 2010 by carlo treviso – sets up the good little ending by starting with a well used story


vessel (2011) is one of those really interesting sci fi short films with a development of a familiar idea to those who read iain m banks culture sci fi books – the electronic capture of a persons soul. at only 6 minutes and again produced by carlo treviso with chris agos the main male lead actor you know the production value/entertainment will be high


anomaly (2014) is it a sci fi short movie or a long short movie at 40 minutes short/long? very well produced/acted/looking as it should be with a budget of $65,000 which makes it about $1,500 per minute – a vast amount for science fiction short. the story is set in the 1960s and involved love/relationships and potential comet catastrophe for an astronaut


arias (2015) is 30 minutes of pure sci fi story by director drew viehmann and it looks good all the way – if you love your science fiction to include spaceships/tech/aliens with good old humans/earth involved then this is for you

phase me up

phase me up is one of the best comedy sci fi movies to watch if you want a laugh while getting all alieny – its running time is 20 minutes and has some good humour/acting – produced in 2014 and it does not feel or look like a low budget sci fi film.

alan is trapped in his job/life and a hilarous and well acted alien called mephisto72 offers a way to improve his life for a short while in exchange for something – and a chance to save the world but who is bothered about those who make your life a living coma hell?


share (2014) develops the sci fi idea of would you share your thoughts/memories with your partner if they could be transferred/shared? a medium length science fiction shorts of 20 minutes produced with a micro budget of $6,000 for that length of a film – written/directed/produced by jason m lange

the high cost of dying

the high cost of dying is an ultra low budget sci fi short that over 10 minutes reveals what is/was happened – if you constantly change your life/personality then who is the real you?


adirondack is another of the 5 minute science fiction shorts by producer/director carlo treviso with his favourite actors filmed in 2012. its an interesting idea but not really worthy of being made into a movie even if it is such a short length movie