sightseers tour of our evil natural state

sightseers film review moviesightseers film is a super awesome but very disturbing movie because you know in the core of your soul that it is so easy to be true.

humans are naturally evil, nasty, greedy, self centered, selfish … nearly all of us are 3 system shocks – 3 months of life hell or in the wrong relationship – 3 constructive interference waves of human energy – 3 things from genocidal war whores.

evil is our base/mean/natural state. but does that mean those who dont follow the rules are evil, if it is our natural state?

that does not mean there is good in us or good can be nurtured or planted in us. we can be brainwashed to be good. the brainwashing is society/family/school/work and it starts the moment we are born. for most people.

the moment those controls are loosened or allowed to be ignored by self/society/circumstances – shock/depression/drink/drugs/anger/war/revenge/lust/greed/persuasion/cults/religion – then we allow ourselves to be what we naturally are. sightseers on this journey from evil to trying to desperately be good but having to try each day to not unleash the tiger.