spacehounds of ipc – old sci fi book

spacehounds of ipc sci fi storiesspacehounds of ipc by e e ‘doc’ smith (originally published in 1931 but updated in 1946)

considering when spacehounds of ipc was first published, even that it was updated after the second world war, and what humans had or mostly had not done in space research this book is one of the most amazing stories for its time.

the si fi story itself may not be the best written but doc smith creates his ideas of the solar system, invents or adapts technology and develops it to what had to be astounding levels … tractor beams, stealth technology, alien life in their environment.

spacehounds of ipc e e doc smith science fiction booksthe storyline does seem to reflect that it was original a series for a pulp science fiction magazine and that he was paid per word.

lots of events happen and he gets to visit planets and moons due to happy accidents. but you get the occasionally stunning imagination or idea and the ending of the main story is like a modern blockbuster science fiction film. absolutely breathtaking even if it comes out of nowhere.

was spacehounds of ipc an inspiration for the the bugs in starship troopers?

the characters seem to speak with the only 2 tones, the same as the story writing, even the aliens. but for when it was written it is an absolute classic sci fi book.

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