the sweet and sour and bitter musical tastes of star wars

star wars imperial march music tune theme song sound score does the star wars imperial march leave a bitter taste in your mouth?

or would it leave a salt or sweet taste?

it seems to depend on the note or chord it strikes with your taste buds.

what would the dark sides marching tune taste like to someone with synesthesia?

i find your lack of musical taste faith disturbing

these are the tastes of music or the musical tastes for one lady musician with synesthesia

the youtube video below explains it further and is hilarious as it stars the legendary professor funk

synesthesia music tastes star wars imperial march

minor second = sour
major second = bitter
minor third = salty
major third = sweet
augmented forth = mown grass

star wars imperial march musical taste synesthesia sound

perfect fourth = disgust
fifth = pure water
minor sixth = cream
major sixth = low fat cream

minor seventh = bitter
major seventh = sour
octave = no taste

the fact that an octave gives her no taste is very interesting …