the reality of synesthesia

synesthesia reality the handicap/gift of synesthesia?

synesthesia is perhaps how we are meant to see/hear/view/feel the world but people have been deliberatly ‘taught’ at school and in the modern world that there is nothing other than pure cold science and we are not in touch or part of this universe in a connected way.

is synesthesia reality and those who dont have it are the ones who are not in touch with reality?

things do give you extra sensory perception – a good tune gives you goose bumps or a flash back memory of times past – a smell reminds you vividly of a precise place in your past – seeing red with rage – green with envy

perhaps artistic people are more likely to have synesthesia as they are tuned in to the frequency of this world/others/universe – they are open/receptive to the other part/energy of this thing we call life

My acupuncturist told me that when the different meridian points were originally discovered, they were found by color. And I know that when she puts the needles in me that I immediately see color if physically I’m able to. Like, sometimes if I have a bad cold my whole system is down and it’s like everything is black. But if I’m basically in good shape and just going for maintenance, then if she hits a particular point, I will see color. And I also see the color in layers. Like if the needle goes in to a particular depth, it’s not the same color all the way down.

Synesthete Perspectives – With acupuncture, I experience color in layers