synesthesia and tastes – the taste of face

richard gere cabbage synesthesia tastes face synesthesia is where your other senses are stimulated by a different sense – numbers are coloured, music triggers tastes and patters and many other synesthesia effects occur.

some synesthetes also taste visual images and one of the most fascinating ones is where the synesthesia produces a taste for a face and we are not talking about the a team. when someone with synesthesia sees a face it can have a distinct taste!

for the synesthesia lady in this youtube video some of her celebrity faces taste of …

synesthesia face tastes nicolas cage yogurt cucumber salmon trigger stimulus

brad pitt = lemon juice
mel gibson = pineapple with smashed peas

synesthesia food tastes mel gibson face  pineapple and smased peas

richard gere = cabbage
jack nicklas = gouda cheese
keanu reeves = vanilla ice cream