triggering synesthesia

synesthesia synesthete trigger synaesthesia triggering synesthesia? can you induce/start synesthesia? and what about other brain perceptions?

depending on the individual synesthete (someone who has the natural gift of synesthesia) could you trigger it in them if they had not discovered it already? could you trigger/induce new synesthesia with them?

could you induce synesthesia in someone who does not naturally have it?

bruce bridgeman lived in a 2d world for over 60 years. then he went to the cinema to watch a 3d movie and afterwards he could see the world in 3d.

triggering synethesia through hypnosis?

The induced cross-modal synesthetic experience without abnormal neuronal connections (pdf) research article on synaesthesia triggered or induced by hypnosis and posthypnotic suggestion is interesting. The hypnosis can induce synesthesia post reviews and summarizes the research article.

synesthesia synaesthesia triggering induce inducing

Given this demonstration of an induced synaesthesia, we suggest that using posthypnotic suggestion to induce other types of abnormal cross-modal interactions, such as those observed in other synaesthesias or in neurological patients, will shed light on the cognitive and neuronal mechanisms underlying cross-modal interactions and consciousness in the normal brain.

other methods of inducing synesthesia?

what other methods can be used to trigger or induce synesthesia?