tactics of mistake – old sci fi book

tactics of mistake gordon r dickson science fiction old booktactics of mistake by gordon r dickson (originally published 1971)

the first of the old science fiction book lucky dip.

the title gets you, the cover looks space sci fi with war and stuff …

boom! great story line and ideas, what is going to happen? alternative thinking is what life is all about and this delivers. what is going to happen?

it keeps you guessing all the way and the very end of this book is very sudden, surprising and disappointing to one of the main characters and perhaps a little bit for the reader? its part of a series so that is allowed. sort of. but perhaps that sums up the spirit of the book and is a minor grumble in what has to be considered a great vintage sci fi story.

tactics of mistake gordon r dickson old sci fi storydialogue is a bit chunky but it seems to be hard for any author to write convincingly with different character voices. you can tell it is old writing by all the “he said” and “she said” after nearly every sentence. with one particular section getting on your tits when its very obvious that only 2 people are conversing.

tactics of mistake is a total classic sci fi story. it is about war, military on exoplanets but still involves old earth, with morals and the human and non earth human spirit.

What a lucky dip start!

tactics of mistake book cover versions