the abyss beyond dreams – science fiction book

the abyss beyond dreams book peter f hamilton science fictionthe abyss beyond dreams by peter f hamilton (published in 2014).

got the abyss beyond dreams book because of all the rave reviews saying how amazing it was and that it was peter f hamilton’s best book in decades.

i must not have got how amazing it was but it obviously has hit the right time loop with others.

this sci fi book sort of deals with time travel or actually time distortion and time loops.

what is annoying that on the front of the book it has a tagline that sort of says part of what is going to happen. not sure there is any need for that, unless it is to try to increase sales?

the abyss beyond dreams cover peter f hamilton sci fi story voidthe abyss beyond dreams book in the hardback version is massive and heavy, one of those science fiction books you might consider purchasing on kindle or an ebook version.

hamilton creates a world and describes everything in it, which helps to create an atmosphere and environment. but he describes everything in detail including the vegetation and landscape, part of the reason for the length of the book. others may like the detail but for the twitter generation it might seem like needless excess.

spoiler plot and character alert – you could see where he was going with the change and its leader but the ‘paranoid twist’ seemed rather fake and just to get into line with what it represented from earths history. the leader seemed to show no signs of it before, not in the slightest yet suddenly he was the worst of that kind.