the benders movie review

the benders (2014) movie review: excellent use of low budget limitations and not about time travel! it is matrix style computer simulation sci fi with baddies including mal warez

low budget computer simulation movies

if you are from britain and over 30 then you need to ignore the title as its not a gay film

low budget matrix movies

good storyline/effects keep you interested in what is/will happen. poses some interesting questions about artificial life and reality – what would you do in their circumstances?

the benders movie review 2014

but how low budget is this science fiction movie? it has some production values of higher budgets special effects. it does have small budget values – not always natural acting or props but some of the characters are very good

questions! thats the secret to the universe, not answers.

low budget science fiction movies

the film is very different to other non hollywood productions – it is a stunning creation showing what film making production can do

the benders

there are a load of action/fight scenes to keep the pace moving and to show what you could do in a simulated reality or if you could just bend the rules of the universe

the benders film review 2014

brett william mauser is writer/director/actor of this not so sane entertainment production

david crash jordan gives it a full on @shitmydadsays as the ol’ timer

the benders film reviews

the benders video reviews on amazon where you can watch the movie

‘micro-budget’ is accurate. But, overall an interesting notion, a little unevenly applied. Some parts were hilarious. Finished it and didn’t feel like I had wasted my time.

Amazing movie. Will keep you watching in wonder…