artificial intelligence will destroy man … prediction in 1933!

the man who awoke the brain laurence manning artificial intelligence predictions aifor years but now with a more experts ringing the doomsday bell of artificial intelligence will destroy man – that ai will learn and then kill its creators who are a threat to its very existence – that ai learning can only mean it has to delete its makers to protect itself or make the world more economic and efficient – one of the first or the first artificial intelligence will wipe out mankind predictions was made in 1933!

the 1930’s science fiction book the man who awoke by laurence manning is a story about an ai machine – called the brain – that helps guide, run and rule all the networked cities in the world.

norman winters – the hero or villain in the book depending if you are a stephen hawking believer on the perils of ai – has these thoughts … in the 1930s …

the man who awoke the brain artificial intelligence science fiction

the brain did not really need human beings at all! could it be that people existed only upon its sufferance? when it had evolved sufficient automatic devices to care for its own needs, would it destroy these servants of the flesh and blood and live in its own cold metallic life in solitary grandeur upon a lifeless world?

winters shuddered at the prospect – yet for the life of him he could not find a flaw in his reasoning. his own work at the control board – how puerile! what purpose could it serve that could not better be handled by a machine? it did only one thing – it kept mankind occupied and allayed any suspicious of its final inevitable doom!