the cold cash war

the cold cash war book review robert asprinthe cold cash war by robert asprin (published in 1977)

will you read it in one sitting? Turbo.

1970s sci fi. dangerous times/waters for future prediction especially hard technology/humans

always a worry – will it be so wrong about how the modern world will be like. the cold cash war goes down the corporate worlds power/takeovers plot – fighting for information

reading it today perhaps best to think/enjoy it as a science fiction plethora of ideas based in an alternative earth – or have the names been changed modern times for pr purposes?

its the authors world and he has gone into a lot of background history to create his imaginary universe. can you guess any of the twists/technology?

the cold cash war science fiction book classic 1970s

its a bloody compact book/plot that stomps along like british squaddies stomping to victory across the falkland islands – not a step/paragraph missed without it having meaning/action – hard not to read it in one go

there are 1000 page hard back science fiction novels out there that have less imagination than in 10 of aspirins pages

corporate wars – industrial espionage – corporate physical soldiery wargames – twists/turns/advances/action/action/turbo

elite warriors – fighting forces – and science fiction books? read dune and tactics of mistake

if you enjoy the corporation as an entity takeover of the capitalist world you should also enjoy the earth war book by mack reynolds. the brutal original rollerball movie might also be a bowling ball up your alley.

if you watched the fucking immense rollerball as a kid it had impact on what hollywood action movies should be – then came arnie! if you have not seen it since there is all this corporation conspiracy that some of the fighting was about – not just for the joy the sport the noble art of beating the shit out of the enemy team in more gruesome awesome scenarios

its books/films like these – capricorn one – that mean the conspiracies are in your head from a child

if the authors name robert asprin seems strangely familiar he wrote the phules company series of sci fi humour books