gerald durrell you horrific cunt

what a terrifying cunt that gerald durrell is. for those who now have a lifelong fear of mirrors and reflections thanks to the horror of his short story. or factual events?

for 30 years i have been met with unbelieving responses. that gerald durrell wrote a story of terror? fluffy caring lovely gerald durrell of the delightful my family and other animals fame?

for 30 years i have been saying exactly what has been reviewed below, to everyone. no one else has had the same shit your pants experience.

do you dare go in the entrance?

the entrance gerald durrell

There is a collection of short stories by the author Gerald Durrell, entitled The Picnic and Other Pandemonium. The final tale within this otherwise humorous, even farcical compilation – is a delightfully macabre piece entitled The Entrance.

The Entrance is, quite simply, one of the most unsettling pieces of literature that I have ever read. It was also the first story I read to really scare the pants off me. As such, it will always have a special place in my affection.

The story is framed by the author’s account of how he came to be in possession of the manuscript. In fact, everything about the presentation of this story leads the reader to question whether in truth it is merely a piece of fiction.

Durrell has maximised this tale’s potential for creating fear. It is in stark contrast to the light, humorous stories which precede it and this serves to shock and unsettle the reader. This story, framed with a ‘real world’ introduction and closing passage, is further made to feel real by its inclusion amidst stories which are accounts of true events.

What is more unsettling for a reader of horror, than the possibility that the story they are reading may be true?
Virtual Borderland review of The Entrance by Gerald Durrell

the entrance gerald durrell horror story

it may not have the impact now as it did but it was the total unknown shock of a horrific horror story. you can see where the film mirrors gets its idea from. and if gerald durrells the entrance story did scare you then that movie is literally your worst nightmare.

If you loved My Family and Other Animals and can’t get enough of the Durrells after the Corfu series, this is the book for you. It constitutes a series of anecdotal snippets and short stories including `The Picnic’, a laugh-out-loud account of an ill-fated Durrell family excursion, which should have been a relaxing, jolly affair. But with the Durrells things are seldom straightforward and on this occasion all that could go wrong did go wrong – except Gerald Durrell’s sense of humour in recounting the tale. Other hilarious and surreal Roald Dahlesque stories ensue
The Picnic and Suchlike Pandemonium – Amazon review