#theflop of #thejump



the jump. the fall. the flop.


the jump Amy Childs #thejump
#thejump celebrity challenge show was as good as it was live, as good as the jump(s), as good as the presenter desperately trying to talk up excitement/tension/interest when there was none – the jump was a flop.

even the jump off the show was named after was a laughable fall and not a jump. they wont even do a ski sunday ski jump in the series.

the jump Kimberly Wyatt #thejumpstarting the series with perhaps the most boring of the events – the giant slalom which was a mini slalom – hints of deliberate tax loss project.

most sane people would have started with an exciting event where their would be good action and the chance for the first corner crash of an f1 race scenario. that came on day 2 but then the jump off was a farce off.

the jump showthe jump/fall/flop off was astonishingly bad. i had thought they were background lighting effects. when the fearsome jump – think kids slide ski jump but not with such a steep angle as the kids slide – came into play on day 2 the first of the two contestants didnt even do the terrifying plop. what drama, what tension.

it was as tense as the splash splash off when the lady just needed to fall into the pool to win her splash off.

how can it not be in their contract that they must do the flop? its not like they could really hurt themselves and they signed up for #thejump.