the grand wheel – gambling sci fi book

the grand wheel barrington j bayleythe grand wheel by barrington bayley (published in in 1977)

the grand wheel is a great science fiction story where the author has used intriguing ideas to create a very different galaxy in the future

gamblers like the main here cheyne scarne use randomatics – based on the maths of game theory – to play any games of chance, not just card games like poker – with the grand wheel organisation creating incredible new and varied gambling games

if you enjoy novel ideas where the author pushes them to the limits of his imagination then this should be the story for you

players of games and history?

the grand wheel barrington bayley book story cover
were the basics of randomatics perhaps inspired by the isaac asimov ideas of psychohistory mathematics in his foundation series – being able to calculate the actions of people and predict future events?

perhaps the grand wheel is the inspiration for iain m banks player of games culture book?