the infinite cage – classic science fiction book

the infinite cage book keith laumer classic  science fiction story bookthe infinite cage by keith laumer (published in 1972).

the infinite cage is a classic keith laumer science fiction book. it is not a space sci fi story. it is not about sci fi technology.

its a great shortish book with lots of action and twists. if you have to know more before reading it then carry on below but it will water down the pure enjoyment of reading this book without knowing what is going to happen.

the infinite cage cover keith laumer 1972 book sci fi shamanism storythe story explores how humans develop, how we interpret the world, what we could become. along with the very liberal dosage of laumer humour, funny situations and exposure of how cruel/desperate/sad humans are to other humans.

there are elements of shamenism/chi in it, how to heal and influence ourselves and others.

if you need a comparison to read the book then it is similar to flowers for algernon but done in the laumer style, with a great ending that does answer your questions during the book.