the jesus incident

the jesus incident book frank herbert hard science fictionthe jesus incident by frank herbert and bill ransom (published in 1979)


the jesus incident is a stunning book if you are looking for a frank herbert type sci fi book where he creates an interesting alien world/lifeforms and mixes with herberts forays into philosophy/religion/humans

the jesus incident is a hard science fiction story but very readable

a great book to read if you want a proper science fiction story with alien worlds and advanced technology

the jesus incident book cover frank herbert bill ransom sci fi

the only thing that does not seem to really fit in – seems a slightly forced mechanic to end/explain all the philosophising – is the actual action ending of the story

the jesus incident book is co authored by bill ransom also and his poetic/story input really helps.

you see bones up ahead
where there are none.
by the time we get there
so do they.

herberts forward and back story in dune with all the excerpts from books/records of the characters is repeated in the jesus incident and it really works again for this sci fi story

ship: i have taught you about the classical pandora and her box.
panille: i know how this planet got its name.
ship: where would you hide when the serpents and shadows oozed out of the box?
panille: under the lid, of course.

how good is this book/story? it might be part of the inspiration for the avatar movie?

frank herbert and modern(ish) sci fi at its best