the long mars

the long mars book science fiction earth alternative parralel universesthe long mars by terry pratchett and stephen baxter (published in 2014)

the long mars book is the third part in pratchett/baxter long earth series and the interest in the story is back on track after the boring long march of the 2nd book

the pair of authors have shown how to take an idea and expand it beyond what the common man would normally be able to do – how it effects and would be effected by humans/nature and human nature

it might help that its their idea but in the 1st book and especially this one they really explore what it might do to us and our planets. even those in alternative/parallel/multiple realities/universes that may be linked in various esoteric ways

the long mars book review alternative realities worlds earths

can you work out what the long step mars will have/reveal/imply?

thankfully the worryingly all powerful/knowing artificial intelligence of lobsang is being reduced by natural events on datum earth. but will this continue or will the smug bastard sort out a way to overcome his reduced circumstances?

if you enjoy reading/thinking/guessing where/what science fiction authors are going to do with the sci fi universe they have created then the first/third books in this series should stretch your imagination