the man who awoke – sci fi written in 1933? 1933!

the man who awoke book review laurence manningthe man who awoke by laurence manning (published in 1933)

the man who awoke at first reading seems to be an unbelievable impossible book for when it was written – how could they have written or thought of these things with the lack of technology/science and even science fictions stories to expand mans imagination.

but when you remember aldous huxleys brave new world was published in 1931 it seems to show how advance in science fiction thought and ideas some of the writers and people of the time were. or do we forget how much electrical technology they actually did have?

perhaps the lack of advanced science and technology meant that you were allowed to imagine what could be possible?

the man who awoke cover

if you are old enough to remember the 1970s and 1980s you can remember how technological shit everything was – pretending to be advanced but everyone knew that although great for its time it was all still shit – compared to what we imagined it could be and especially what we wanted.

does todays advancements reduce/increase what can be imagined in the future? when you had basically the whole future of technology/science/mankind available to imagine it gives you more room to look like a prediction genius.

the man who awoke is stunning with its predictions including that the all powerful machines/computers/software/algorithms/brains of artificial intelligence might always have no choice but to kindly destroy lesser man for everyones good – electrical/electronic direct feed stimulating virtual reality – how human society changes and swings/advances/regresses/reacts from one form to another to hopefully with negative feedback to get to the best balance. but even then will that be enough for man?

laurence mannings book is awesome – you do have to forget the science and each new era as there is a purpose to it – the ending is a philosophical tour de science fiction force of what he has set up with those previous city eras.

the man who awoke book is an absolute sci fi essential. it can not have been written as a normal for that time science fiction serial story for the wonder stories pulp magazine in 1933 and not radically re written when finally published in the present book format in 1975?

as the copyright section in the book says “a slightly different version of this novel was serialised in wonder stories”. how different?

and why did laurence manning stop writing sci fi stories? had he said most of what he was thinking in this one book and no real need to write for writings sake? did he discover the reason for his own or mans creation?