the monitors – classic science fiction books

the monitors book keith laumer sci fi book story reviewthe monitors by keith laumer (published in 1966)

immense. hilarious. classic.

nearly perfect fun old sci fi story based on planet earth and pesky humans?

the only flaw is that the author keith laumer likes to describe some/multiple things in nearly every sentence. people can not even go up a stairs without the stairs being described. but that is the only complaint as this absolute classic science fiction story from the 1960s is awesome.

whats the monitors about? that would spoil it – so dont click on the blue back cover to the side – but the best way to describe it is:

the monitors cover author keith laumer science fiction classic 1960s bookits like if charles dickens and p g wodehouse combined to write a sci fi book then the monitors would be it – or at least in the style of keith laumer – wonderful comical characters with suitable names – not hard science fiction

its like dr strangelove meets rising damp meets monty python meets the 1950’s mccarthy communist fear with lots of not boring highlighting of human philosophy

its comedy yellow gold

political comedy of denis leary meets alexi sayle meets bill hicks meets ben elton

human and situation comedy of the rapid one liners and very short sketches of old english comedians like bob monkhouse meets les dawson meets terry wogan meets jim davidson

also with the modern comedians habit like jimmy carr meets reginald d hunter of pointing out what humans are/do/dont

whatever has been said above you can use or ignore as you must read this classic sci fi book!