the transmigration of timothy archer – philip k dick

the transmigration of timothy archer book review philip k dickthe transmigration of timothy archer by philip k dick (published in 1982)

the transmigration of timothy archer book is certainly not what you might be expecting from a philip k dick story, especially if you have only read his real sci fi books.

its like a zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance but for religion and especially the catholic and/or christian religion. you will either really like it – or find it very difficult and not interesting to read and just wanting to get to the end to know you have read it and never again.

the transmigration of timothy archer cover sci fi philip k dick stories
it feels like the author – starting to get older – is writing the intellectual book he has always wanted to write while getting to attack or destroy christianity religion at the same time.

if you are not educated in your classics – music, opera, stories, latin, greek, mythology, philosophy etc – then you may struggle to know all the references or quotes. how the hell anyone without that sort of classical education could read the book before the advent of the internet is a mystery. unlike the ending or anything in the book.