the wailing asteroid

the wailing asteroid murray leinster science fiction story gravitythe wailing asteroid by murray leinster (published in 1960)

is there a book that accelerates at lightspeed into the story and then goes beyond it to deliver the end of the very short novel?

the wailing asteroid very intriguing/interesting book as it never takes you along the story you think it is going.

at the start you know that the story has to suddenly take a few years to happen but then the author takes you on a very quick journey.

its one of those short stories you can read in an evening. when looking at the book at getting into the revelation you wonder how can the whole plot be told in this novelette? there is no paragraph wasted, its an accelerating ride into the whole point of the book, the ending.

it was written before the space age, so time/technology has over taken it but apart from that and a few old fashioned/sexist ideas from that era that will upset people somehow, but its still an easy read.

although there does not seem to be a single paragraph free to go into human psychology and philosophy, murray leinster squeezes it in and makes you think about how man has faced doomsday and catastrophes in the past. what would you do?

it feels like the whole book is just an excuse for the main idea – which is a stunner – and that should be all right for most people.

the wailing asteroid murray leinster book review

great stuff with the matter transmitters/transporters and how humans could travel to the stars. the mammoth meat deliver services idea is fantastic fun.

if you like murray leinsters ideas then he also wrote 1930s, 1940, 1950s and 1960s science fiction stories and under the name of william fitzgerald jenkins