the wheels of if

the wheels of if book l sprague de campthe wheels of if by l sprague de camp (published in 1940)

7 short to very short science fictions stories written between 1938 and 1942. the first 2 are quite stunning for their time and involve alternative history. when reading the first few pages you might be shocked and check the date this was printed as the ideas are modern

if you had read the wheels of if in the 1940s how could you then have endured the sci fi movies, stuff on tv and books by other authors? reality would have sucked and the only escape would have been more brilliant classic sci fi writing

the 2nd story is ultra short but has a wonderful twist to it – the others after that may not be as good but are very different plot lines

lyon sprague de camp – who said he had no need of a pseudoname as his was naturally better than most – must have infected other science fiction authors with his style, plots and new territories he ventured into. keith laumers books like the awesome the monitors and others like the cold cash war could have been written by sprague de camp – and you get the feeling that philip k dicks plots might never have dared seen the light of day without him

the wheels of if lyon sprague de camp

quote below by l sprague de camp

people sometimes accuse me of writing satire. this – if not exactly a vile canard – is at an least inaccurate statement – because in the strict sense satire is ridiculing established conditions, conventions or institutions by exaggeration or burlesque in the hope of changing them. in other words – it has social significance – which is just the last thing i studiously avoid in my stories

these yarns are meant purely to amuse and entertain – and neither to instruct nor to incite nor to improve. if you get instructed, incited or improved as a result of reading them then dont blame me for such was not my intention