the world shuffler – alternate earths sci fi stories

the world shuffler keith laumer book science fiction story alternate earthsthe world shuffler by keith laumer (published in 1970)

the world shuffler is the second in the series of lafayette o’leary science fiction stories about alternative earths.

the story might be more interesting after reading the others following it, to get a sense of where it is going, but it did not seem to sparkle or be as interesting as other by keith laumer alternate history or alternate worlds stories.

the world shuffler cover keith laumer alternative worldsthe world shuffler seems even more random coincidences than is normal for the author. although sci fi stories are made up plots this seems to just throw things together to end up with a story.

again the idea behind the book – that a man can influence and change his surroundings, future and other alternative realities – does not seem to be fully utilised. perhaps in the other books it will be.

or perhaps because keith laumers ideas influenced future sci fi authors this original idea has been surpassed?