they aren’t willing to sacrifice happiness for money. i am

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“Most people with a goal here are integrating poker as something leading to increased happiness overall; they aren’t willing to sacrifice happiness for money. I am.

Like a monk, I am willing to give up everything. I agree that this goal is supremely unhealthy in some sense. Instead of the ideal of a balanced lifestyle, I’ve gravitated towards the degenerate. But you know what? **** everything, baby. Money over everything, leggo.

I also realize that due to my “money over everything” and “**** everyone” attitudes that I alienate support for me. I’m willing to accept that there will be haters. Btw, “**** everyone” includes myself.

For the next year, I am nothing but a button clicker. My existence is marginalized in some sense.”

#MillionClub – It ain’t cheese if it’s less than a mil’

Alex Wice poker mission sounds either terrifying or great depending on you. but is it only good or bad? relatively for him is it both good and bad or only good?

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“Honestly, Million Club (getting $1 million in rakeback during the year when playing poker on pokerstars) started out as one giant dick waving thing. I wanted to finally accomplish something, and I wanted the world to know. But the truth is, the people that are really skilled, don’t play poker. They move on to something better or more fulfilling. That’s when Million Club evolved into so much more. It evolved into a metaphor for reshaping my life. Here, as with most people, my ego is my greatest strength and greatest weakness. If channeled properly, emotions like pride can help you achieve your goals. If unchecked, you can end up aimless. The key idea is self-limitation, or discipline.

Sometimes you get lost though. I know I was lost for a long time.

In order to achieve this goal, I had to decide how much it was worth to me. Was it worth my sanity? Most aspects of my life? To answer this, I looked back on my life. Even though I had been to 26 countries, even though I consider myself to be extremely competent, capable of doing just about anything, I had not accomplished much. I had never finished anything I started. This led me to a deep feeling of regret. I want to accomplish things, big things that I am capable of. In my 1 year plan, I want to finish Million Club. In my 5 year plan, I want to have the game I am working on with my team be successful. In my 10 year plan, I want to change the world for the better.”

I Believe In Turtles by Alex Wice