this fortress world

this fortress world james e gunnthis fortress world by james e gunn (published in 1955)

different enough to keep the attention – as they might have said according to the films – it movies along lickety split

if you dont like stories with to many coincidences – the god awful wilbur smith books – then you might struggle with this fortress world but for gods sake man up and fight your way through it as its worth it and part of the book

has the seeming 50/50 chance of religousness pondering for classic old science fiction from the 1950s and 1960s

its not a jolly walk – its a mugging in a dystopian future – pilgrims on their bloodied knees

this fortress world book

good luck on guessing how the ending is going to come about

reading all that it sounds like a boring enduring sunday morning church of england service on a come down – its actually late into the mourning of the after party – highs/lows/discussions/whatifs/wows