poker win in the willows – ToAd of toad hall

cash game action at locals poker club – the win in the willows TOOT! TOOT!

for regulars it was going down the hole – living in/on/off the dole

3 cash cow sirens spreading all you can sit and eat feast of big fish on the tables TOOT! TOOT!

Mr ToAds

excitement at that big drop off/in/up/down the hole onto the floor of the dole

Toad of Toad Hall perched edged dangling over legs/cigar/hopes/wit/stakes/bankrolls/gambling/fortunes/insanity/thehole HOOT! HOOT!

Toady of Toad Hall

Is it One’s turn already?

Is it my Turn to go down the river into the sinking feeling hole – another One bites the dust?

but ToAd knew poker was the dangle of the angle

Toad of Toad Hall

a few more twisted and turns later. I, Mr ToAds have backed myself into a right royal poker wall

has One helped dig my own grave? and desperately dug slit trenches

watch out for chArlies in the trees SHOOT! SHOOT! FOOK! FOOK!

toad of toad hall

the Toad’s house of cards foundations built on the power of the ToAd! ToAd! failing back down to slit hope trench FOOT! FOOT!

money – hard physically earned to some – at stake – a fortune to some. some to fortune a stake not earned physically to hard. that ToAd – POOP! POOP!

Toad of wind in the willows

just playing with the family fortune but what a sole fortune to lose – in a legacy of monied scions expected to live by gamble their gift life to the full – not the whole home and state of the family.

with no way to earn his soul fortune ever again BOO HOO

not with that real work to BOOT BOOT

hunkered down in his poker apocalypse now trench – previous planned ToAd skirmishes not survived 1st/2nd/any contact with enemy forces

Toad of Toad Hall

a couple of sneak attacks had left him in the slit my own throat TRENCH TRENCH

Toad of Toad Hall poker

What would Sir Granddaddy say/do… cogitate?

Apart from YOUNG Toad! HIM! is the only Young Toad! THAT is the harvest from One’s loins?

toad of toad hall car

Cogitate/masticate/concentrate/attack on full stomachs to BOOT! BOOT! LOOT! LOOT!

Another One mite bite the dust? POOT! POOT! Over the TOOP! TOOP!

ToAdo family had/would always want to be upgrading TOOT TOOT

toad of toad hall

wanted toAdAlly all

toad of toad hall

ducking/diving/waiting for Your Ladyship luck signal to launch my counter offensive


the bigdaisycutter appeared from thehole as human star destroyer of poker rebel scum. her attack delta creating chairquake – that strange sideways shuffle higher height/effort over distance

toad of toad hall big daisy poker

at the ryanairpokerclub – the loss in the dross – her sailing rig size would have had to pay extra blind berthing per round

My little ToAdy liked sitting looking thin next to her

is she the portent? certainly a 4tent size. time for plan To4d?

toad of toad hall

good evening my young bigdaisy cutter sarky
less of the young my good ToAdum pole
?how is our poker marie antoinette
and i hope they choke on it
not a chance with either of us here


ToAd of poker halls TOOT TOOT

When the ToAd came home!

toad of toad hall

famous for not being

in a world where Toad of Hall was famous for not being – for not not being good at things

toad of toad hall

not in society/own control

Toad of Toad Hall famous for not being

where everywhere he was that Toad
ToAd of ToAd Halls TOOT TOOT

here he was Toad of all. ToAdx.

toad of toad hall cigar poker

this drove people to madness/tilt – why/how/why can Toady be good at something/poker – POOP POOP

Toad of Toad Hall

how/why/why/when/who/would/why it have to be that most testicles v testicles thing!

Toad of Toad Hall

why ToAd! why not Toad??

Toad of Toad Hall

why Toad of ToAd Hall!

Toadum pole TILT! TILT!

they introduced him to poker knowing it surely had to be later introduced as former Hall of Toad

Toad of Toad Hall

clip/win one of his wings – sink/empty his full boat house – back door beat his full hall – downgrade to toad of house

Toad of Toad Hall

that Toad in our servitude

the win in the willows

ToAd of ToAd Halls

ToAd of poker halls

TILT! TILT! You Sir!

i AM Sir ToAd.




Toad of all poker halls POOT POOT

When the To4d came home!

suckers! TILT! TILT!

Toad of poker Hall suckers

ToAd xxx