transmorphers (2007) movie review: super fun! a very small budget hollywood film ($250,000) or a relatively high budget independent production mixing a bit of all the main science fiction movies around its time

transmorphers movie review 2007

lots of big transformer type robots, underground zion matrix style last hope for mankind cities and neo heroes

transmorphers low budget sci fi movie

with the difference in special effects since this was produced you could now get a low budget sci fi movie to look like this – lots of reviewers complaining that its a transformers ripoff and it might have been but if you look at it now as indie movie filmaking then its top class tiny budget stuff

transmorphers low budget movie

this is great entertainment from director/writer leigh scott – if you want a science fiction film with big robots/explosions/action but now now considered big special effects then this could easily be the movie for you

low budget sci fi film reviews

sean bean’d off? the main human hero and star acting is matthew wolf – who sounds geordie like sean bean but can act like you always wanted sean to but he can not stand and deliver

transmorphers matthew wolf movies

there could be considered a lot wrong/bad with this film including some of the actors but just power through that and enjoy cheap robot action movie making at its funnest

transmorphers movie

transmorphers prequel

transmorphers also has a prequel – transmorphers: fall of man (film review) – made a couple of years later in 2009 that is as different as you can imagine including the writer now being scott wheeler – depending on which way round you watch them could change what you think about each one

transmorphers movie reviews

transmorphers video reviews on amazon where you can watch it now. not very good ratings if you are expecting big budget hollywood robot wars

Transmorphers is also reviewed on something awful, as quoted here

Overview: Robots have invaded earth in The Future, forcing a society that looks all the world like a bunch of aging porn starlets underground. After a long time, a heroic criminal with a weenie accent is revived to brave feminism and talk about how maybe we should – I guess – kill the robots.
The Case For: It’s better than Transformers 2.
The Case Against: Transformers 2 was two and a half hours of Shia LaBeouf looking constipated.