groundhog hour

groundhog hour story stories fiction viruseyesyour eternity only needs to last 5 seconds to prove itself.

the pendulum clock in the obscenely dark hallway/social/house whirred – chimed 1.

they had warned him about being unconnected/dark/uncut – its like nothing you have ever experienced – i can handle it.

he had realised bad trips usually came with bad situations but was the good life ever better than 50% good/bad?

pushing your little row boat onto/out/into the lake trip – how low/high/where can make yourself go?

the large house didnt even have any tvs/displays/projectors/screens – they were the only house in that tiny valley and had never pushed for connection and all the companies who could provide that service kept their heads down

the faraday house had been named after his cage – built into the structure – blocking/stopping/releasing/encouraging all sorts of waves/energy/thoughts – no electrical technology of any kind was allowed near it let alone in it

he was in a bad places – the worst ever

the salvia the day before had made the groundhog second experience/thought real – the staccato/strobe of that word/action – the uh/uh/uh/uh/uh

what if you were forever trapped in a time loop? what if you knew it but could never escape it? what if that time loop was not some lovely sunny day but the darkest night of your life? when your own self doubt and this is the reality of your life and what you have done dragons/demons were talking the truth – no matter how frightening if it is the truth you have to look/think/contemplate

the pendulum clock whirred – chimed 1 again.

that fucking clock showed that he was fucked earlier in the day – every time he looked at it instead of III IV V it showed III IIII V – he was not that educated and could not check but never had he ever seen 4 written IIII in roman numerals. it was and always had been IV

an/your eternity only needs to last half a second to prove that it is your eternity – how much longer do you need to confirm your worst fears/truths?

living without risking is repeating – repeating is being dead every minute/hour/day.

its not the hallucinations/paranoia that is dangerous – its you truths. those absolute truths about yourself. such logical truths about life/you/others/reasons/why/yes/no/because – because that is how it did happen – what it means – what you mean. what can you do? deny/accept/fight/kill the truth.

he was trapped in this house/trip/moment forever – he could change various bits of the hour but the hour/horror was repeating – with no one else/thing to break the cycle

he was reliving/shown his reality repeated – which was worse than knowing it was true – he had always known but normal life encouraged you to carry on the charade – otherwise every other person on the planet would have to admit the obvious/truth/themselves

he had took a new type of trip – a combo of nearly everything and some new stuff – all slightly chemically altered from the original band drug so it was legal? the motheroverlode

the time loop he was now repeating was going to go on for ever – not some happy hour with his family from his youth or even sat around wasting time with his mates – this hour of living hell

when you ride the tiger you are expecting/hoping to get some sort of hurt/survive/experience/alive but not forever – he had not expected the groundhog hour with no way of getting out of the loop

the tony martin gun – castle doctrine gun – was in his hand

the pendulum clock whirred – chimed 1 again.

he waited

he pulled the trigger

they had warned him that one day he would have a bad trip and not come back – his parents had been right – about twenty nine minutes later the corridor made two consecutive noises