big mouth data

big mouth data crimeit isnt that everything everyone says is recorded, its those fuckin algos. those fucking bad rhythm.

no one / govt / company could manually monitor everything that was said / done.

they couldnt even do that back in the day with satellite photos, would have saved a few lives / wars if they had more eyes on the ground.

its fuckin ware that does it. in the old days it was people. now days the ware picks up those keywords or keyphrases. any keywords that the govt / company / angry ex girlfriend / anyone is paying them to filter and find – sometimes you are dragged down with the net, sometimes they are actually looking at just you. you should feel honoured when they do as someone thinks you are worth the cost.

sometimes it wasnt a keyphrase that got you, it was your standing crime wave, the frequency of many of those keywords from the standing node location that is you.

and they call it software when it can deal you a deathblow.

do you not say anything vaguely controversial or interesting? script speaking. crypt speaking. freedom of speech! freedumb speech.