russian roulette training

russian roulette trains story stories fiction shortwas this the thundering train that would kill or give him life?

tied to the train tracks at clapham junction. the left/right pairs of straps tied across the railway track on that side.

his body in a black sack – to hide him – to increase his terror. mouth/eyes tapped over – ears plugged.

in the darkness of the night in the middle of the train tracks junction he waited for the result of this russian gangster roulette.

a couple of trains had gone agonizingly/terrifying wide.

russian roulette trains tracks clapham junction london ukbut did he want them to get close?

the russian gangsters had told him that a train on the tracks to his left or right would cut the straps on that side.

did he want the trains to get closer to release him or wait until he was hopefully observed/freed?