you are going to be shit

you are going to be shit science fiction story storieshe decided to find out if they were correct – shit or bust.

around 80 times a minute he was told you are going to be shit.

his meditation practise had dramatically increased to decrease the future prophecies.

you are going to be bird shit.

at least it varied what type of shit he would be – he imaged if every second of your life you were told exactly the same thing – now that would be depressing.

you are going to be cat shit.

his body told himself that in the future he would literally be shit.

you are going to be human shit.

did those who were not buddhists or those who did not believe in reincarnation have the same voices?

he reasoned that his heart had decided every beat of it was a beat closer to death- no matter how much he had tried to tell himself that in theory you have a lot of heart beats so those at the start of your life actually mean you have more life to live? heart half full not half empty?

he reasoned his subconsciousness thought he had not been good enough – he was not coming back as a human.

the sooner he started his next life the better – this couldnt be transferred. it couldnt. it couldnt?