whether spoons? what do you want to not drink?

wetherspoons whethertrue story of a j d wetherspoons drinking experience – perhaps the biggest chain of pubs in great britain?

unfortunately having to drink in a spoons bar with some mates – they stop outside to smoke – non smoking friend goes inside to order drinks

barmaid enquires – he orders pints for his mates – when they have been poured he is asked and confirms he would like a port – double if she can – she cant – a single port will do – we dont sell port. stunned. ok …

can he have a white russian? – she goes away/back again to inform him no they dont sell white russians – is it because they dont have milk although they do sell tea/coffee? – ok a black russian then – they also dont sell them

wetherspoons can not serve drinks that are not on their drinks menu.

he finally orders a captain morgans double rum/coke

when his mates come in they order food and he asks for a meal with a drink combo – asks for another captain morgans – after getting the drink the barmaid asks what mixer he wants – coke – she looks at him strangely – eventually when he starts the last drink ordered he finds its gin – gin and coke