winning poker virus

winning poker virus players wsop main event winning poker is what it is really all about – the money/glory/fame/immortality

do some winning poker players get infected with the winning poker virus?

sometimes it seems they/you can not lose and it is fate/destiny that you will win and others have to lose


winning poker virus wsop 2012 greg merson crying main event champion
even if you are not winning the wsop main event then the poker gods confirming you are better/worthier than your opponents at the local casino or your home game is enough – or will have to be enough

greg merson winning pokers wsop main event 2012

winning poker virus wsop greg merson tears main event championship

greg merson won the bracelet, the everlasting title/fame as champion and $8,527,982

winning poker wsop greg merson bracelet 2012 main event winner champion money bracelet

which are 8,527,982 enough reasons for a man to cry at his finest moment in front of the whole poker world but his personal story tells the true story of what the winning poker virus means to him – it saved his life

pius heinz – 22 years young wins $8,715,638 – wsop main event 2011

winning poker virus wsop pius heinz 2011 main event

jonathan duhamel wins $8,944,310 and a beating – wsop main event 2010

winning poker virus wsop 2010 jonathan duhamel main event bracelet
the happy moments as jonathan duhamel is hit by the winning poker virus but he also contracted/won something else in the future as all that glitters is the jealousy virus in other peoples eyes and no longer on your main event champions bracelet …
winning poker virus wsop 2010 jonathan duhamel robbery main event bracelet beating
lucky in poker virus but unlucky in love virus – jonathan duhamel also won a lovely girlfriend – Bianca Rojas Latraverse – who proceeded to help plan a robbery of duhamel where they gave him a severe beating and took his wsop bracelet, watch and poker winnings money

joe cada infected by the winning poker virus in $8,547,042 of spades – wsop main event 2009

winning poker virus joe cada wsop main event 2009 champion luck lucky luckbox
joe cada – youngest and luckiest main event winning poker player? joe cada seemed to have the winning poker virus that combined with his great poker skills – meant it was inevitable he would win the 2009 main event

the beaming wsop virus

winning poker wsop virus brockparker bracelet
you dont have to win the main event to be happy as other wsop bracelets are massive in themselves – brock parker emanating beamingness through the beard with his bracelet win