worst modern science fiction movies list

worst sci fi science fiction flims movies listworst modern science fiction movies list and reviews does not include sci fi films just because it has lo fi or no special effects. Movies listed and reviewed are in this list because the plot/acting/concept is terrible or it has the filmmaking had a decent budget but produced a terrible film/effects

a filmmaker can create amazing sci fi films with budgets under $50,000 and even between $100,000 to $500,000 is considered a very low or no budget film but can still create a superb story and visuals

worst modern sci fi movies list

what sort of film is on this list? if you scream out and punch the air with a usa!usa! when watching independence day or armageddon and love these films and can see no problems with it then do not read this list and reviews below

battlefield earth
independence day

battlefield earth (2000)

bad worst sci fi movies films lists
battlefield earth: a saga of the year 3000 is perhaps the worst modern science fiction movie on the list, on nearly all bad film lists/reviews and a very strong contender for worst movie ever.

so bad its good science fiction movies films lists

its shocking how bad everything about this movie is – acting/plot/dialogue/purpose. the battlefield earth movie explains scientology ideas as its a book to film production of the science fiction writer l ron hubbard who created/wrote/leader of scientology – that the main actor john travolta is a follower – if it is used to try to convert science fiction movie lovers then its a total fail. which sums up this appallingly bad movie made with a budget of over $40 million

so bad its not even good sums up this movie and with an amazing amount of competition perhaps the harrier jump jets win the worst bit of the worst modern sci fi movie


worst science fiction sci fi moviews films list modern

paradox (2016) the very fist bit of acting sums up this terrible movie up and within the opening 10 minutes you know how bad a modern sci fi movie this is going to be. time travel on the cheap is always risky to both the movie/characters and this did not pay off. dont bother to start to work out the loopholes or you will never finish

paradox does have some funny lines – especially by the cripple – so its not all doom and gloom. how bad is paradox movie? its as good as the film poster produced in 2016 and not 1986

independence day

bad terrible science fiction movies films lists reviews
everything about the independence day movie is appalling. easily one of the worst sci fi films ever for everything apart from effects/action.


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armageddon (1998) is as big bad blockbuster science fiction nonsense as you can get. a truly modern mcsci fi movie. if you love the independence day film then armageddon is for you.

the amazon video blurb on the armageddon movie shows what a hard sell and shit film this is. the only hollywood movie description with 8 words?

A large asteroid is heading directly toward Earth.