worst modern low budget sci fi films

worst modern low budget sci fi movies films listlist of the worst modern low budget sci fi films. those movies listed are not due to lo fi effects but because the story/acting is so bad

not included are appallingly bad big budget movies like perhaps the worstest one ever being john travoltas battlefield earth

some of these bad low budget science fiction movies can also be found on the list of films produced with budgets under $50000

worst modern low budget science fiction films

sink hole – will you fall into the sink hole 2015 or other movies and documentaries named sinkhole trap? if this should be included in this is dodgy as the movie itself but this shows how low the standard of these movies sinks to

apart from being american how was this appalling movie given the go ahead? the best bit has to be the banter jocks. abandon hope all ye who fall into the hole of watching this. apart from seeing how to construct a lowish budget movie with some special effects

the visitor from planet omicron – terrible acting/story – read a bit more of a review?

trakked – low budget actors do sometimes give you the lowest budget acting possible. trakked makes you realise how difficult acting can be. such bad acting means its very difficult to endure the movie all the way to the end but there is actually a decent twist as your reward but not worth the pain – read a bit more of a review?